Saying goodbye to our beloved Mony

November 21st, 2020

Dear Institute Members,

It is with great sorrow that we announce to you the death of our master and colleague, of our EFTA-TIC Chair, Mony Elkaim.

Mony was the founder and first President of EFTA, it’s mentor, and the first stubborn believer in the project of uniting the systems professionals throughout Europe. Throughout the years, he fought with passion to keep EFTA evolutive and generative. He also was a co-creator of the EFTA-TIC Chamber and the formation of the unique yearly gatherings of European trainers, each time in different cities and countries hosted by TIC Member Institutes.

For us all, Mony was a brilliant mind, a man of great humanity and wit: his twinkling eyes, his ability to move things in a set direction, his open-minded spirit were unique. We will remember him as polite but very sharp in his opinions, direct and mannered, full of irony, an incredible teacher and a warm and direct psychotherapist. A great human being and an incredible friend.

What a difficult period of time: Covid and its loss of freedom, Mony’s death, various personal and professional issues – there are many events that make us feel miserable in this time. Let us remember that we are competent professionals and, as Mony himself taught us, let’s envision the sun beyond the clouds. Let us all learn from his soul message and continue to fight for light also for him.

As the TIC Board, we had spoken with him approximately one month ago and from his hospital bed, he had reassured us that he was relying on TIC to keep the tiller straight and protect EFTA and its creative evolution.

We are here to ask you to help us in this task by participating and dialoguing with us as much as possible. To enhance our connection, we plan to organize a series of dialogues and conversations in Mony’s tribute where we hope you will contribute.

On behalf of the EFTA-TIC Board,

Umberta Telfener


Le nostre Membership